Claims Administration Agreement

B310 – Claims Administration and Objections Bracewell performed a total of 6.6 hours and $3,435.00 for services in this category, which include the time required for specific rights and pledge applications, bar date equipment and coordination of cash date materials to stakeholders, as well as damage analysis. These amounts include (1) all payments made to class members under this agreement, including all amounts payable in the form of federal, regional and communal payroll taxes; (2) reserve fund (3) class delegate extensions, (4) improvements to the opt-in prior to the agreement, (5) claims management fees, (6) class lawyer fees and fees and (7) all other amounts payable under this agreement. Know your health – Know your journey Know your policies – Know your rightsFor more information, go to emergency medical assistance and claims administration of:Active Care ManagementP.O. Box 1237, Stn. All receivables Administrative fees are also paid on the amount of gross compensation. Class members receive their net pro-rata allocation (as defined in paragraphs 55 to 56 below) of the net settlement fund, i.e. the balance of the gross billing amount after deduction of: (1) Claims Expenses;2) Class Counsel Attorneys` Fees and Costs; (3) payments made, if any, by the reserve fund; (4) improvements to class representatives; and (5) improvements to the opt-in prior to the agreement.

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