Attorney Monthly Retainer Agreement

As we have done, it is to amend our existing flat-rate resistor agreement to include the following: a litiner is a simple agreement that legally requires a lawyer to attend to their client`s needs for an agreed period of time. Typically, the client “pays” the lawyer for a certain number of hours that the lawyer feels he/she should do the work assigned to him/her. It`s easy within most startup budgets, and my clients really appreciated being able to budget for only a small monthly amount instead of paying my flat fee upfront for unbundled services. The undeserved hold fee is the amount of money paid into a Retainer account before work begins. The amount is the client`s guarantee to pay the lawyer after the completion of the agreed work. The lawyer cannot claim Retainer`s fees until he has completed the work and billed it to the client. The remaining hold must be refunded to the customer every hour. Such an option applies primarily to cases of infringement and personal injury in which the customer demands a transaction from the other party. The client and the lawyer must first agree in advance on the payment plan and affix it in writing. One of the ways to make sure you have a complete understanding of the fees is to thoroughly check the retainer agreement with your lawyer before signing it.

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