Consumer Credit Agreement Regulations

During the pre-contractual period, the creditor must provide, in good time before the conclusion of the contract, comprehensible information on the essential characteristics of the credit offered. These include (i) in point (q) by replacing the “consumer”) and the “consumer”, •The annual effective rate becomes more transparent and includes all known costs and assumptions used in the calculation. It will be an effective instrument for comparisons between loans offered by creditors. The interest rate to be paid or, where applicable, different interest rates that apply to the advertising credit agreement for credits, aspects related to the cost of such credit (e.g. .B. (b) if the financial service is a credit agreement to which the Regulations of the European Communities (consumer credit agreements) of 2010 (S.I. (No 2010) shall be concluded, the following information shall apply: (4) If the conclusion of an ancillary service contract (including an insurance policy) relating to the credit agreement is as follows: mandatory in order to obtain credit or obtain on marketed terms, and if the costs of that service cannot be determined in advance, the obligation to conclude that contract must also be clearly indicated, concisely and significantly, as well as the annual percentage of fees. (h) in the case of a credit agreement referred to in Rule 3(2), where applicable, an indication that the consumer may be asked at any time to repay the amount of the credit in full; (b) the cost of the account has been clearly and separately indicated in the credit agreement or in any other contract concluded with the consumer. (g) if the ceiling applicable to the credit has not yet been fixed, this ceiling shall be estimated at EUR 1 500; (b) the costs (with the exception of the purchase price) which he must pay when purchasing goods or services, whether the transaction is made in cash or on credit. .

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