Lease Agreement Personal Guarantee

A personal guarantee is usually a separate document from the leasing documents. It is a contract, so it must meet all the conditions required to be valid (applicable in court). These provisions of bankruptcy law should not be used (or misused) as a safety net by a personal guarantor in commercial leases. You can`t just say, “The landlord isn`t going to sue me and send me bankrupt for at least six months,” but you have to be treated carefully and not exploited. Let us remember that these are only temporary provisions to prevent the current COVID-19 from further damaging trade relations and the environment in which we live. In addition, the Code notes that its purpose is “to impose a number of principles of good faith leasing for application to commercial tenancy.” Let`s not risk a false sense of security and abuse the magnitude (or delay) of donors` implementation of these personal guarantees, but always be aware that no matter what happens and when personal guarantees are a risky business. The Court found that the alleged misrepresentations were not established and that, in any case, there would have been no confidence in such statements, given that the guarantor was an experienced newsagent. In addition to the payment of a down payment and the bank guarantee, the leasing company did not make any payments or leasing expenses under the five-year lease agreement, which began in May 2009 and ended in December 2012 with the re-entry of the lessors. There are two legal proceedings that recall the risk that a director takes when he guarantees compliance with a company`s obligations. This code has been put in place to guide landlords and tenants through these difficult times and in the event of a dispute, including unpaid rents or essential rental terms. The question remains: “What will happen to a personal guarantee in case of delay of the tenant?” A small entrepreneur can create an LLC or S-Corp for the business to protect themselves from personal liability for the actions of the business entity. However, when it comes time to sign a commercial lease, it may be impossible to completely isolate the personal finances of the owner of the company`s assets. This is because many commercial leases – and especially for small businesses or businesses that are just starting out – require the business owner to terminate a personal guarantee as the duration of the lease.

A personal guarantee can, in addition to the solvency of your company, jeopardize your personal solvency. . . .

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